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Welcome to Tech WORKS!
Welcome to Tech WORKS! A high school program for students interested in building a foundation in a career. Tech WORKS will give the student a clear pathway in high school to lead to further education and ultimately a career they are passionate about. Along the way the student will enhance their skills and abilities while making connections with potential employers. The goal of Tech WORKS is to give opportunities and recognition to students that excel in more than just a high grade point average.
Advanced Manufacturing Auto/Diesel Mechanics
Construction Pre-Engineering
Steps to Complete a Tech WORKS Certification
  • At least eight total classes in Career Technology Education Department with a C or above
  • Required courses:
    • Seven courses in selected area as designated
    • Customer Service Strategies
  • All students will successfully fulfill all DCSD requirements for graduation to be considered for a Certification
  • Complete one or two job workplace experiences
  • Attend three career fairs
  • Attend two plant tours
  • Complete one informational interview and a mock interview
  • National Career Readiness Certificate
  • Go on at least one community college/college/university/apprenticeship program tour
  • Students cannot have more than one unexcused absence, be in class on time and demonstrate cell phone etiquette during classes
  • Community service project
  • Program must be started no later than beginning of junior year
(Steps must be completed after acceptance into the program. If a student completed a step prior to acceptance in the program it will not be counted towards the program with the exception for classes already taken.)
TechWORKS Application Form PDF file
Tech WORKS 2015